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Tory leadership: Gove becomes eighth candidate to enter race

National Zeros

Michael Gove has said he will enter the race for Tory leader, challenging his former Vote Leave ally Boris Johnson. It means the two figureheads of the official Leave campaign will battle for the right to steer the Brexit process to a conclusion.

Who is this bunch of egotistical feckwits, who think they can run this country?

They did not listen to “No cherry picking” before negotiations.

Now the negotiations are long over (and Dominic Raab should remember, right?), they are not listening again.

They would like us to believe that if they pout and stamp their little feet hard enough, the EU will come back to the negotiating table.

the country needed to demonstrate “unflinching resolve to leave”, with or without a deal

It is not going to make any difference anymore, its too late. Any politician who says that is either stupid or lying.

There is some honesty though:

Chancellor Philip Hammond said the suggestion that it was possible to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement was a “fig leaf” for “what is actually a policy of leaving on no-deal terms”.

The EU would rather we did not dysfunctionally cut off our nose to spite our face, for their interest as well as ours … but in the end this country has the sovereign choice for self-harm if it chooses.

This is one of the big problems.

The people who encouraged us to leave, alleged they were being patriotic but in fact merely confused a choice to collaborate with a loss of sovereignty.

The Conservatives do not have a mandate, the only honest thing to do now is to call a general election.