Pure Corruption


Leave.EU founder confirms he funded Nigel Farage in year after referendum

Nigel Farage received £450,000 from the founder of pro-Brexit group Leave.EU in the year after the Brexit referendum. Items paid for by Arron Banks included Mr Farage’s London home, his car and trips to the US to meet Donald Trump.

Got to have been money well spent.

Mister Banks (and notice I am trying to be really polite here) should pay £450K to every person who was below voting age in 2016, in compensation for the loss to their lives he has so fraudulently promoted.

The fact Farage says this is a private matter is deeply sickening.

He’s already been found to be abusing his fees, why has he not been banned from the European Parliament? Why is Banks not banged-up for his illegal funding?

My prediction: the Conservatives in their pathetic state will hand the PM job to that prick Johnson (look it up), who like the Boris he is (look it up) will make Farage the shit-for-brains minister of the Department For Exiting the European Union, merely as a popularist gesture, without having had an election, to try to distract us from his lack of credibility.

They want to bring us the race to the bottom, funded by billionaires the world over.

Don’t let them win, take to the streets!