The house has been on fire for a long time


An open letter to Extinction Rebellion

Another truth is that for many, the bleakness is not something of “the future”. For those of us who are indigenous, working class, black, brown, queer, trans or disabled, the experience of structural violence became part of our birthright. Greta Thunberg calls world leaders to act by reminding them that “Our house is on fire”. For many of us, the house has been on fire for a long time: whenever the tide of ecological violence rises, our communities, especially in the Global South are always first hit. We are the first to face poor air quality, hunger, public health crises, drought, floods and displacement.

(They missed out “immigrants”)

I am better off than most of my neighbours but even I could not afford to take time off to glue myself to something offensive, as much as I would have liked to.

I had the luxury of getting to personally burn-out on voluntary green action via in the late 80’s, this consciousness and struggle has been going on for generations.

It is hard work to be involved like this, lets try to make sure the rebellion is as inclusive as possible.