Why them?


Conservative leadership: BBC to host TV debates

The BBC will hold two televised debates with candidates vying to become the next prime minister. Ten Conservative MPs have entered the race to become both party leader and PM so far, after Theresa May announced she would stand down on 7 June.

Why should members of the Conservative party be choosing the next Prime Minister?

They have no majority, no mandate, no consensus and recently the worst electoral defeat in living memory.

All that will happen is they will masturbate until October and we will be out by default.

For crying out loud! Some of the candidates even think the UK is so special the EU will do what it has very consistently said it won’t do and re-negotiate. As if one failing state is more important than the remaining 27.

Get real.

Give us the general election we deserve.

Give us a government with the honesty to resolve the societal issues that caused so many people to vote for self-harm in the first place.

Could we please move on? There is so much to deal with.