You misunderstood the message again

Local elections: The main parties have been punished

The local election results are disappointing for both the Conservatives and for Labour, while the Liberal Democrats, Greens and independents prospered, writes Prof Sir John Curtice and colleagues on the BBC’s local elections team.

Mrs May has misunderstood the message again.

She thinks her party has been punished by the electorate for not delivering on Brexit.

I ask you Mrs. May, think what do the parties that have lost so many seats, Conservative, Labour, UKIP each have in common? Then think what the parties that won those seats, Liberal Democrats and Greens have in common.

Is it possible Mrs. May, that people are voting for Remain parties to give you a message that is different? Could they be trying to put across the message that they no longer want to leave?

Do you even remember which of your colleagues said:

If a democracy cannot change it’s mind, it ceases to be a democracy