Bribery & Corruption Tory Style


Tory leadership contest: Do tax plans add up?

In the race to succeed Theresa May as prime minister, Conservative leadership contenders are setting out how they want to run the UK. But what are some of the candidates saying about tax and spending, and do their sums add up?

Of course they do not add up.

Particularly Boris Fuck Industry Johnson … we have the fastest growing gulf between super-rich and everybody else and he wants to give your money to the richest people in the country. Fuck! At least he’s consistent.

The money he did not get nicked for promising during the referendum to the NHS does not exist. The money he is attempting to bribe the kind of people who would elect him as leader of the Conservatives with, does not appear to exist either.

He expects it to be paid from National Insurance, you know, the tax that is meant to pay for the NHS? The tax that is paid disproportionately by the poor. Ironic isn’t it?

Johnson will probably win because he is offering to bribe the people who count. The very last people in the world who should be choosing our next Prime Minister … but that is the Brexit 💩🥪 through and through.

The poor saps who promised to increase the minimum wage or other schemes to reduce the tax burden of poorer people just can’t compete … people on the minimum wage are not well represented among the members of the Conservative party, those who are represented could not give a flying fuck and well Johnson knows it.