Does Someone Stop Being a Racist by Saying Sorry?


Liam Fox criticises Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan

Boris Johnson’s claim that world trade rules could be used after Brexit to avoid tariffs “isn’t true”, cabinet minister Liam Fox has said. The international trade secretary, who is backing Jeremy Hunt for leader, said the EU will apply trade tariffs.

I don’t hold much truck with Liam Fox but here he is being honest for once.

Meanwhile …

Conservative MP Rishi Sunak, who is backing Mr Johnson, defended the leadership hopeful. He said Mr Johnson was not racist and has “apologised for any offence caused” by his comments over the years.

So when do you stop being a racist, (having been one, over the years)?

I mostly remember Johnson’s career as someone consistently blurting racist flatulence. Maybe he is also a spoilt brat according to recent recordings.

If someone (who maybe seeks promotion) who could be placed within one of Johnson’s racist stereotypes, claims Johnson is no longer a racist, does that count?

If the man with a history of “saying anything to be elected”, apologised for clearly having been a racist for most of his political career, does that count?

Is he, all of a sudden, not a racist?

You know what I am going to say right?