Sir Clegg - Disaster Zone


Amol Rajan: What kind of internet do you want?

In recent months I have been influenced by a paper on The Geopolitics of Digital Governance by two University of Southampton academics, Kieron O’Hara and Dame Wendy Hall. The paper popularised, but didn’t invent, the idea of the “splinternet” - namely, that there is not one internet, but four.

They missed the dark net … lets not go there …

However … the next part of the article …

Nick Clegg, what a disaster zone! What a sick serial sell-out that man has been!

First he gives oxygen to a minority, deeply unpopular, divisive, equality destroying Conservative Party, remember them under idiot Cameron? The ones who destroyed most of the economy outside the M25, then had the arrogance and lack of judgement to bring a european membership referendum against that upstart Farage, when they were so justifiably despised, giving the downtrodden a chance to kick them up the arse?

Good start Nick! What a move! Way to expletive deleted go!

And for an encore, he gives oxygen to the next most vilified entity, FaceBook (internet #2).

Do you really think that anybody believes your insistence that they work in our best interest?

When you say FaceBook is egalitarian, for everyone, do you remind the poor users that they became your product?

Maybe you should go and work for internet #4 and lactate from the teats of the equally wealthy Chinese Communist Party, where you will be truly appreciated, for sure.

Because over here, we have just about had enough?

Go away, stop harming us.