We Are This Fecked


Tory leadership: Who gets to choose the UK’s next prime minister?

Conservative MPs may have whittled the contenders in the leadership race down to the final two - but it will not be politicians who will decide who gets to be the next prime minister. Instead it will be the party’s grassroots members who will decide which of Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson gets to succeed Theresa May.

We are so fecked!

Who gets to choose who will be the next Prime Minister at this important crossroads?

Anybody with the will, a spare £25, and bless, most of them over 66 and don’t tell me … expletive rural.

FFS! This is mostly the same bunch of feckwits whose nostalgia let them to believe the bullshit that leaving the EU was both easy and a good idea in the first place.

We are so toast.

“Farewell poor UK, I knew her well”