Another Liar


Brexit: Did Dominic Raab warn of no-deal during referendum campaign?

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab claimed that he had talked of the possibility of a no-deal Brexit during the referendum campaign in 2016. “We made clear - those in the campaign - that we should strive for a good deal but, if that wasn’t available, that we should go on and make a success of Brexit,” he said

According to research by the BBC this is not true.

If Raab does not like the deal so far negotiated with the EU, he only has himself to blame, he negotiated it himself, then stormed out in the end like a petulant brat.

As for his colleague Michael Gove, two days before the referendum he told the BBC: “We’ll be in a position I think to secure a better deal than the one that we have now.

An equally unreliable prediction.

Mr Gove told the Daily Mail in March this year: “We didn’t vote to leave without a deal. That wasn’t the message of the campaign I helped lead. During that campaign, we said we should do a deal with the EU and be part of the network of free trade deals that covers all Europe, from Iceland to Turkey.”

He’s right, leaving without a deal was not discussed.

After days looking through the archives, we have not been able to find any other clear examples of Mr Raab talking about the possibility of a no-deal exit before the referendum on 23 June 2016. Channel 4 News and The Guardian both came to the same conclusion.

Apparently all “Fuck Industry” Johnson ever wanted since childhood was to be king of the world, well sorry feckwit, the post was not available, so your next best is Last PM of the UK.

He would and did say ANYTHING to get that, including changing sides when he thought it would get him closer to his spoilt and selfish goal. (Nanny must be so proud).

More and more of what he did say, is found to be untrue. Now he surrounds himself with people who are similarly unfettered by any moral obligation to be honest in public politics.

Dishonesty is the new truth, ask the Russians … revisionism is the new normal.