Bring it on


Chiding Macron, Putin says ‘I don’t want yellow vests in Russia’

FORT BREGANCON, France (Reuters) - Vladimir Putin rebuked his French counterpart on Monday, saying he did not want “yellow vest” protests spring up like in France, after Emmanuel Macron urged the Russian leader to abide by democratic principles following weeks of protests in Moscow.

The yellow vest protests in France, difficult … they are a tantalising mix of revolutionary and reactionary elements, in a very modern sense that we have not quite seen before. Too populist and right wing to support, too completely understandable to condemn.

Macron, after all is quite a conflicted character.

Putin however is a pure monster, there is nothing conflicted about him. He is KGB, he is a crooked billionaire dictator. Most of the world looks forward to the video of him “having a Gaddafi”.

If I see reports on the news of people congregating on the streets of Moscow etc., tomorrow, wearing yellow vests … imagine me doing my happy dance.