He cannot see the irony, by definition


US shootings: Trump says ‘serious’ talks on gun control under way

US President Donald Trump says “serious discussions” are taking place between congressional leaders on “meaningful” background checks for gun owners following two mass shootings. On Twitter, Mr Trump also said he had spoken to the gun lobby group National Rifle Association (NRA) so their views can be “represented and respected”.

He only needs to respect the NRA because he is weaker than them.

But he singled out mental health issues, saying: “We don’t want people who are mentally ill, people who are sick - we don’t want them having guns.”

The irony here is that this is a man who commonly rants in public in an obviously deranged manner, one who has his finger on the button, able to fire the largest collection of weapons in the world and he is still sucking up to the NRA.

We don’t trust you with guns Mr Trump or any of your ilk.