You could not make it up


UK intelligence officials shaken by Trump administration’s requests for help with counter-impeachment inquiry

As the impeachment hearings get more and more alarming for Donald Trump, with damning new evidence emerging every day, there appears to be increasing urgency in the parallel counteroffensives under way by the president’s team in an attempt to defend him.

This just gets more and more crazy, you could not make it up.

Trump twisting arms among foreign intelligence agencies, to hurt his own.

No surprises, he has been undermining the democracy that elected him from the start.

Assange, pawned by Putin, is in collusion with Trump.

Yeah well we all kind of fell out with him over his hiding from rape charges and general gullibility, right? Disappointing but no major surprises there.

Then the amazing jam in this dysfunctional sandwich? The reviled Farage pops up. With his patronising “Wot me? I’m a famous journalist!” ploy, that arrogant idjit tweed revolutionary, the one who is trying his hardest to destroy the country from whose teat he sups his warm ale. He turns out to be the go-between, the carrier of the conspitorial USB drive, from the White House to the Ecuadorian Embassy, squatted by the unwelcome shit-stained Australian with a taste for Swede, now residing at Her Majesty’s Pleasure.

Assange should welcome being extradited to the US, Trump would make him the next head of the FBI, maybe even Attorney General.

Real life is weirder than any fiction.

Hey Farage, why don’t you naff off to the US as well, you could be the President’s arse-lick, he seems to need a regular supply.