A mandate WTF?


Ex-mining communities voting Conservative? You must be joking! Do they have amnesia?

The people who have been complaining for so long about the Westminster Elite vote for an ex Eton and Oxford wide-boy.

The Guardian says:

This is a repudiation of Corbynism. Labour needs to ditch the politics of the sect | Jonathan Freedland

A 1970s hard-left clique led the party into a dead end – and it’s the poor and vulnerable who will pay the price Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

This is the Islington Echo Chamber. It’s not the ’70s, this is bang up to date.

Hipster socialism, the competition to be more radical than thou. Having lost any sense of what we actually needed as a country.

We needed a government that was not corrupt, had credibility, did not habitually lie to us, did not pretend that there are simple answers to complicated issues, one that was not working on the behalf of the mega-rich.

What we got instead was a mandate for Boris Johnson. It’s like giving a child a loaded gun.

Labour and Corbyn showed extreme arrogance and have failed us. They have gone down in the blaze of revolutionary glory they prefer to mundane electability.