You are still being lied to


Frictionless GB to NI trade ‘impossible’ - Barnier

Michel Barnier delivered a lecture at Queen’s University in Belfast “New checks on goods entering Northern Ireland from Great Britain are an ‘indispensable’ consequence of the Brexit deal”, Michel Barnier has said.

The UK prime minister, remember him? The one described as a “Known Liar” is at it again. He is known to have lied ever since the original campaign to leave, as this was his most likely route to his current job.

Last week the prime minister suggested GB-NI trade would remain ‘unfettered.’

He has been saying this ever since he negotiated the deal, he was only believed by people who wanted it to be true (then voted for him).

Helen McEntee, told Sky News that “Brexit is really only at half-time, we have a huge amount of work still to do”

Johnson would like you to believe that the end of January 2020 is some kind of resolution to the “problem of Brexit”, that he can “wrap it up” while other well informed people claim, the UK never really understood this first stage and that the end of January only marks the beginning of a long, painful and complicated negotiation. With Boris of course, being the lone voice that it can all happen within one year.

[Businesses have warned that food prices may rise and jobs may be affected after the chancellor vowed to end alignment with EU rules after Brexit](Brexit: Price rises warning after chancellor vows EU rules divergence

People are even finally owning up to the fabled negotiations with the US being a lot more difficult than claimed during the hustings.

Trump’s ‘massive’ U.S.-UK trade deal faces big hurdles.

Either Boris Johnson is a magical thinker, who lies to you and himself or he is just a liar, who is also now our Prime Minister.

The lies continue, the outcome is not clear.

About the only thing that is clear right now is that neither leave nor remain supporters will get anything closely resembling what they hoped for.

We will all live a poorer life. Our children will have fewer opportunities, our food and health will be lower quality and more expensive, the same for our environment. The rich will get richer (why they funded the whole thing), democracy further weakened.

Well done stupid little britain.