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Non-techies on the Net

Email address charges branded ‘daylight robbery’ Wendy Small and her husband Geoff, has been charged £160 to keep her old BT email address since she switched providers two years ago Ofcom is writing to broadband companies to ask why some people are having to pay to keep old email addresses.

Incompetence or Lies?

Barnier: UK can’t have Canada trade deal with EU The UK cannot have the same trade deal with the EU as Canada, according to the bloc’s chief negotiator.

Powerful and Corrupt

Trump fires two impeachment witnesses US President Donald Trump has dismissed two senior officials who testified against him at his impeachment trial.

Give away your data

Ring’s app caught spying on users, sharing data with third-parties

Two men from another planet

Trump releases Middle East plan with Netanyahu Trump’s plan aims to solve one of the world’s most intractable conflicts.

You are still being lied to

Frictionless GB to NI trade ‘impossible’ - Barnier Michel Barnier delivered a lecture at Queen’s University in Belfast “New checks on goods entering Northern Ireland from Great Britain are an ‘indispensable’ consequence of the Brexit deal”, Michel Barnier has said.

A mandate WTF?

Ex-mining communities voting Conservative? You must be joking! Do they have amnesia?

You could not make it up

UK intelligence officials shaken by Trump administration’s requests for help with counter-impeachment inquiry

What a pathetic little country

Facebook agrees to pay the UK £500K for the Cambridge Analytica scandal

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