Birthday Present

It was my nth birthday recently, I celebrated with a party in my local pub, the Effra Tavern, friends came from all over, it was a great evening, many thanks to you all.

Eastbourne Man Edits World-Famous Book

The (original) title of an article in a local Eastbourne newspaper, written by Howard and friends as a piss-take against all those in the town who never thought Dr.

My Books

Google added a personal book library feature. You can add books from Google Book Search to your own library, then publish it.

Good Read

“Small is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered” by E.F Schumacher.

The weirdness of prescience

I saw Paycheck last night. The film by John Woo from a short story of the same name by Philip K Dick.

H's Blog

I am over at my friend H’s house today Ostensibly to get his new ADSL connection working.