The Panopticon

Moscow coronavirus app raises privacy concerns Moscow’s police will soon ask citizens to show them a QR code to prove they have permission to go out.

NetNewsWire Congratulations

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Exceptional Nonsense

MI5 Argues for ‘Exceptional Access’ to Encrypted Messages The director general of Britain’s Security Service is arguing for “exceptional access” to encrypted messages, in the ongoing battle between authorities and technology companies, reports The Guardian.

Non-techies on the Net

Email address charges branded ‘daylight robbery’ Wendy Small and her husband Geoff, has been charged £160 to keep her old BT email address since she switched providers two years ago Ofcom is writing to broadband companies to ask why some people are having to pay to keep old email addresses.

Give away your data

Ring’s app caught spying on users, sharing data with third-parties

What a pathetic little country

Facebook agrees to pay the UK £500K for the Cambridge Analytica scandal

Hello Hugo

This site used to be built by Jekyll, now it is built by Hugo.

Mistaken API

iOS 13 privacy feature will force total overhaul for Facebook apps

This will hurt them

EU says sites using Facebook’s Like button are responsible for your data

It's not the robots' fault

Robots To Take 20 Million Jobs, Worsening Inequality It’s not like robots take anything, they are not persons, this is not their fault.