A bit out of touch?

Hammond: I reject idea millions live in dire poverty The chancellor has rejected claims there are millions of people living in dire poverty in Britain.

The house has been on fire for a long time

An open letter to Extinction Rebellion Another truth is that for many, the bleakness is not something of “the future”.

Speak for yourself love

Dame Emma Thompson: ‘If I could fly cleanly, I would’

Unencumbered by fact

This is the incredible level of intellectual corruption, endemic to the Trump presidency.

Peak Carbon

This is happening next, regardless of what governments or corporations decide?

Not yet recycled

A disclaimer I see all too often on food packaging.

Peace & Quiet

While I am sorry for all of the people caught up in airports etc.

Good money after bad

So the UK is also resorting to fund and forgive the past bad practises of their banks.

Rare Opportunity

We are living through one of those deeply rare opportunities in history.

Another reason to eat less meat

OK, so many of you will know that I have been lacto-vegetarian for 29 years.