Rare Opportunity

We are living through one of those deeply rare opportunities in history.

Another reason to eat less meat

OK, so many of you will know that I have been lacto-vegetarian for 29 years.

All Change

Yesterday I was out in a tee-shirt and light jacket, and overheating, taking photos of a fire in Brixton.

Free Stuff

I gave to a stranger today, it went really well.

When in Rome

I just got back from a very pleasant week in Rome at the Cocoon Get Together, catching up with old friends and colleagues.

Open Letter to TFL

Sent to the TFL contact page : I really like what you are doing with the Transport For London website.

All Busses Lead To Brixton

I just noticed that Transport For London have a nice public-transport route-planner widget generator, that allows you to build a widget to place in your webpage, hard-coded with your location, to allow visitors to plan a route to you.

Getting there

It is great having access to more and more route planners.


I was honoured to be asked to be co-editor for the latest edition of Wallzine, a wall-magazine of Arts/Politics made in Brixton.


If you love Macs and you care about the environment …….