Hello Hugo

This site used to be built by Jekyll, now it is built by Hugo.

By example, how Objective-C was simplified into Swift

Objective-C to Swift conversion cheat sheet – Hacking with Swift

FlightCase – My Latest App

Announcing FlightCase The latest App from FiveOne.Org. FlightCase is a companion to Apple’s Music.

Functional Teams

I read two extraordinarily good articles today, both completely different subjects but somehow they were synergistic for me :

Great collection of iOS blogs!

Many thanks to Dave Verwer who writes the iOS Dev weekly newsletter.

Workflow to start a Jekyll post by sharing a URL

This is my second workflow for Jekyll, this one is a Share Action, this is an example of it in use:

Hello Workflow

This post was made by my first ( workflow on the iPad for generating a Jekyll blog post and adding it to my GIT repo using Working Copy.

Publishing from Working Copy

I just published this to my Jekyll Blog from iOS.

Smart Home

Refurbishing the house, one thing I really wanted was to make it smart.

Unworthy of your trust

When I needed a roofer to replace the flat roof on my new house, I was unable to get any personal recommendations from friends, colleagues, family, etc.