What a pathetic little country

Facebook agrees to pay the UK £500K for the Cambridge Analytica scandal

It's not the robots' fault

Robots To Take 20 Million Jobs, Worsening Inequality It’s not like robots take anything, they are not persons, this is not their fault.

Bribery & Corruption Tory Style

Tory leadership contest: Do tax plans add up? In the race to succeed Theresa May as prime minister, Conservative leadership contenders are setting out how they want to run the UK.

A bit out of touch?

Hammond: I reject idea millions live in dire poverty The chancellor has rejected claims there are millions of people living in dire poverty in Britain.

Apple earning enough already?

Apple services and the App Store tax their stock price just pushed the company to $1 trillion in market cap.

Beta Testing started

I delivered the first distribution build, of my first iPhone App to my first beta tester today!

An Apology to the Workers?

The Governor of the Bank of England has just apologised to us, for the mess the policy makers and financial sector has put us in.

Where I’d like to live

I hear people around here saying house prices in Brixton will boom in the next few years as (The Council expects) the area to become the next Notting Hill.

Tax Hell

Filling in my tax form again. Ugh! They have changed the form so much this year, it is almost impossible to check for errors against previous years!

More Copyright Infringement

I have just had another of my photos ripped off and used commercially without proper attribution etc.