Good money after bad

So the UK is also resorting to fund and forgive the past bad practises of their banks.

Rare Opportunity

We are living through one of those deeply rare opportunities in history.

Euro * Bad

Beware booking Eurostar tickets at the moment. The channel tunnel suffered a bad fire a few weeks ago, but Eurostar are acting as if nothing happened.

Highly Recommended

The 3 part BBC documentary “The Power of Nightmares” is now available via Google Video.

Number Format Hell

I am in localised format hell at the moment. I am currently re-working Apache Cocoon CForms.

iPhone Day

All the net is abuzz with iPhone unboxing reports etc.

More Fraud

I have been [ripped off][1] again. Apparently my debit card has been skimmed and the info used to attempt purchases across America and Nigeria.

Free Stuff

I gave to a stranger today, it went really well.

And now the good news

My bank did the decent thing and paid me back for the money spent [fraudulently][2] on my debit card.

Ripped Off

Someone has been spending my money using my debit card and it isn’t me.