Open Source

Hello Hugo

This site used to be built by Jekyll, now it is built by Hugo.

I use Jekyll

I decided to try Jekyll to build my small static website at FiveOne.

Smart Home

Refurbishing the house, one thing I really wanted was to make it smart.

Compiling Asterisk 1.4.27 on MacOSX

Asterisk is a powerful Open Source telephony toolkit. The latest version 1.

My Latest Hint

I just had this hint posted on On my last project, I was collaborating with people in the States via iChat, using audio, video screen and document sharing.

Logging to GTalk

I was reading yesterday that Apple is thought to be using XMPP the Jabber protocol for their new iPhone Push Notification technology.

Nested Screen Sharing

I am starting a new spare-time project (more on this later).

More Copyright Infringement

I have just had another of my photos ripped off and used commercially without proper attribution etc.

Google's CalDav

Google have an implementation of CalDav for use with iCal on MacOSX, I just tried it, it’s pants, don’t go there.

Safari versus Firefox

Safari is my every-day browser, it just gets better and better.