Open Source

Safari versus Firefox

Safari is my every-day browser, it just gets better and better.

Number Format Heaven

Well here’s a happy ending ……. I have a working solution to this [hell][1].

Number Format Hell

I am in localised format hell at the moment. I am currently re-working Apache Cocoon CForms.

Form Symbols

I am re-working Apache Cocoon Forms framework at the moment, mainly upgrading it to use the new features of Dojo 1.


ApacheCon Euro 2008 is over and I am home, no delays this time.

ApacheCon 2008

I’ll be heading off on the train to my first ApacheCon in a few days.

Mobile PDF

At last I have found a reasonable PDF Reader on the iPod touch ….

XSLT 2.0

I had a complex XML transformation to perform. I ended up using XSLT 2.

Rich Text Editors

As a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed the different line-spacing on my last two posts.

Sharing Calendars

Always on the hunt for replacements to the functionality that dot mac used to [try to][1] provide me, I decided to try out [CalDAV][2].