The Panopticon

Moscow coronavirus app raises privacy concerns Moscow’s police will soon ask citizens to show them a QR code to prove they have permission to go out.

Exponential Mistake

Avoid office, pubs and travel to stop virus - PM

Coronavirus - The good side?

I have been thinking along similar lines. Coronavirus and the Remote Work Experiment No One Asked For

Give away your data

Ring’s app caught spying on users, sharing data with third-parties

A mandate WTF?

Ex-mining communities voting Conservative? You must be joking! Do they have amnesia?

Hello Hugo

This site used to be built by Jekyll, now it is built by Hugo.

Well done

Fleabag - Series 2: Episode 6 I just finished the series, carefully savoured.

Brexit is the UK's equivalent to Flat Earth

The belief in Brexit is like the belief in Flat Earth.


Me Too Movement You are not alone. I had several of my middle aged male friends over for supper recently.

Gonna live till I die

Inner City Blues / I’m Gonna Live Till I Die - Single