Me Too Movement You are not alone. I had several of my middle aged male friends over for supper recently.

Gonna live till I die

Inner City Blues / I’m Gonna Live Till I Die - Single

Apple earning enough already?

Apple services and the App Store tax their stock price just pushed the company to $1 trillion in market cap.

Deep wreck diving

19 Apr, 20:00 on BBC Four: Dive WWII: Our Secret History - 1/2.

Functional Teams

I read two extraordinarily good articles today, both completely different subjects but somehow they were synergistic for me :

301 — Blog Moved Permanently

This blog has moved to my own server from where it was hosted for years on jeremyquinn.

Fathers & Sons, in paperback

My dear friend’s latest novel, “Fathers and Sons” came out in paperback yesterday!

Genital Mutilation

Well, this has got to be the most deeply personal and explicit subject I have written about on this blog.

My Heating Bill

At last! Some good news! I moved from a flat to a house recently and spent a long time refurbishing the place.

I am the Nosmo King!

My new Jekyll-based website plus blog has been up for over a fortnight.