My New Tripod

I have been yearning for a new tripod, ever since I found the old one was not sturdy enough for a DSLR.

Birthday Present

It was my nth birthday recently, I celebrated with a party in my local pub, the Effra Tavern, friends came from all over, it was a great evening, many thanks to you all.

“I’m A Photographer Not A Terrorist”

I was at the demonstration by photographers outside New Scotland Yard this morning, there even are a couple of glimpses of me in the BBC TV report, maybe the orange jacket was a good idea after all :-)

Thanks Ted

My good friend TedDave just sent me this link to a collection of my Flickr photographs on HiveMind.

More Copyright Infringement

I have just had another of my photos ripped off and used commercially without proper attribution etc.

Meme (Me)

Via Bertrand Take a picture of yourself right now.

All Change

Yesterday I was out in a tee-shirt and light jacket, and overheating, taking photos of a fire in Brixton.

Destructive Editing

One of the really great things about Aperture, is it’s non-destructive editing.

Not Normal

I do not understand why Nikon do not make a 33.

Ambiguous URLs

(Oh dear, he is complaining again) Flickr have released a new section on their website called Places.