Mistaken API

iOS 13 privacy feature will force total overhaul for Facebook apps

Compiling Asterisk 1.4.27 on MacOSX

Asterisk is a powerful Open Source telephony toolkit. The latest version 1.

My Latest Hint

I just had this hint posted on MacOSXHints.com. On my last project, I was collaborating with people in the States via iChat, using audio, video screen and document sharing.

Logging to GTalk

I was reading yesterday that Apple is thought to be using XMPP the Jabber protocol for their new iPhone Push Notification technology.

Deranged Voip Setup

Ahhhhh [VoIP][1], now there is a subject any self-respecting [Sudo Masochist][2] can spend long fruitless hours tinkering with !

Touchy Mods

Someone asked me for more detail on the iPod Touch mods from my last blog entry.

Whiffy Phone

I just bought a SIP WIFI phone. I got myself the UTStarcom F3000.

EMAP: DNS for Phones

Further to my exploration of VoIP ….. SIP-based VoIP is an open standard, so unlike Skype (which is proprietary) many people create new services for SIP …….

VoIP Fun

Pier got me interested in exploring VoIP, over the course of supper one evening.